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CCL takes pride in not only being a valued partner to our hard-working clients, but being an extension of their in-house team. From the small mom and pop shops to the larger remodelers and developers, CCL treats every customer like they have a real stake in their success – because they do. Being an employee-owned company, brings out the best in every member of the team, going the extra mile for each of our clients. Building relationships with our partners and having a stake in their success is our favorite thing to do. McSharry Homes, who we’ve been lucky enough to support for generations, is a perfect example of that.

McSharry Homes

McSharry Homes is a family-run general contracting business specializing in custom home builds, land development, kitchen & bath renovations, and property management & maintenance. Together, John McSharry, along with his brother Mark and two sons, Tom and Brian, lead the business, which has been serving the south shore for over 45 years. 

Tom, who grew up working alongside his father, officially joined the team in 2014 to run customer management, selections, and accounting. Having known the CCL team since he was a kid, Tom speaks fondly of the relationships he’s formed with the CCL staff, including John Rogers from the kitchen division who handles all of McSharry’s customers, Tom Ahern, the outside sales rep whose in touch with McSharry daily, and Steve Harris who they call for a quick turnaround on quotes.

“Our relationship is great. I love how we know when we send somebody there they’re going to come out educated and make the selections we need them to make and we don’t need to be there for it. If we need a quote they get things right back to us. It’s just nice to know there’s a one stop shop for our customers to go. They just handle so much of our job that it just makes it easy” Tom explains. 

McSharry Homes requires all their customers to use CCL. This way, they can feel confident they know what they’re getting is the same every time, and if there’s an issue they know someone at CCL will simply fix it. Tom mentions they’ve tried to let their customers go elsewhere in the past, but it led to complications in scheduling and installation that had substantial negative impacts on the logistics and timeline of the project. Tom explained that it’s just easier with CCL, there’s no headache and we know they’re looking out for our best interest.   

Partnership Through Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the construction industry—lead times, supplies, and prices have all been impacted, creating obstacles most contractors have never before experienced. For CCL, keeping in close communication with partners like the McSharry’s, has been a top priority. Through daily updates on changes in the market, CCL was able to give the McSharry’s the information (and peace of mind) their customers were craving. 

Tom mentions “Every single day CCL was being proactive about following the market and updating their prices to take care of their customers. They had the foresight to give us a heads up on prices. They’d let us know when to get orders in so we’d get things on time with delays. They helped with scheduling selections. Customers were putting the pressure on, and it was hard to tell them when things would be ready. Because some other vendors only handle an aspect of the job, they didn’t always know when things would come in. With CCL, there hasn’t been one hiccup along the way, or one item we haven’t been able to get our hands on. I felt good knowing the majority of each build would be complete because CCL was on top of it.”

Employee Owned Meets Family Owned

As a 100% employee owned-business, every CCL employee takes pride, and ownership, in the business. For Tom McSharry and his team, that means no matter who they interact with at CCL, they are going to get the dedicated assistance and high-level of customer service they deserve. 

From Tom’s perspective, “Everyone at CCL takes a lot of pride in their work. They bump around and try different things. One day they’re at the desk and the next they’re signing you out at the lumber yard. They all understand everybody’s position. They’re a good team over there. They take care of us.”

It’s always a pleasure for the CCL team to see John McSharry, who drops into CCL often and is always greeted within seconds by the CCL team. Prior to COVID, John used to keep his eye out for CCL’s Friday night cookouts, which many of McSharry’s team would join. 

“Everybody is the same. You walk in the door, it doesn’t matter who you are. They’re going to help you out. The company as a whole is like family. And we’re a family business. They give us such peace of mind dealing with them every single day.”


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