CCL’s VR Kitchen Design Program: Bringing Your Vision to Life

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In recent years, businesses across a variety of industries have started to use augmented and virtual reality tools to improve customer experience. As an employee owned business, the CCL team is always working together to build efficiencies and find ways to better serve our customers. After seeing the potential that VR could have in the kitchen design process, the CCL team put their heads together to see how they could bring the idea to life.

The Traditional Design Process

The typical design process involves a series of steps. First, you, the customer, meet with the design team at our showroom to review colors and materials and set a direction for your kitchen design. Next, we complete detailed measurements of your kitchen. Then, utilizing those measurements, we complete a design for your review. Depending on many factors, including edits and feedback, this process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Introducing Virtual Reality

CCL HomeScapes Kitchen Designer, Andria Kieffer and CCL’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Chris Vaughan were selected to spearhead the project along with CCL President, Tom McManus. As they sat down to discuss ways VR could improve the design process, their hope was to find a solution that would expedite the process while giving customers more visibility earlier on. After researching several VR companies, they chose a partner that would allow them to build a custom program which enables customers to see a preliminary design of their future kitchen on a computer screen, or through a set of Oculus VR goggles. 

Visualizing Your Dream Kitchen

Our custom VR program allows you to choose from four common house styles and six common kitchen layouts. By choosing a kitchen layout closest to your own (or closest to your newly designed kitchen), you can start to actually visualize what updates will look like once complete, even including the addition or removal of walls. From there, you can choose from a variety of paints, finishes, back splashes, flooring and even the specific countertops and door styles directly from our partner, Omega Cabinetry.

VR in the Showroom

The VR design experience starts during the very first visit to the showroom. After just a single walk through, CCL is able to bring your vision to life, showing you your selections in real-time. This allows you a first look into the design team’s vision, giving you an opportunity to provide immediate feedback and edits. And you can even sleep on it. We’ll give you snapshots of the design to take home so you can start to visualize the new design while physically being in the space.

Through utilizing VR, the design process is faster, more engaging, and more effective, leaving you with the clearest possible vision of your final dream kitchen.