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Hands down, one of the highest quality and most innovative power tool brands on the market for pro contractors is Festool. A legendary German brand, while pricier than some of its competitors, Festool offers unbeatable quality, longevity, convenience, and safety. Plus, they’re just a really great company to support (family-run, too!). We know not everyone will be ready to make the investment, but for those who do, we believe the long-term pay-off is well worth it. 

Here are a few reasons we choose Festool. 

Why Festool?

Long Service Life

Festool products are designed to be long-lasting. Many customers have been using the same tools for over 30 years. This is a result of their commitment to testing and running week-long practical tests during the development stage to find and solve even the smallest weaknesses prior to production. In addition, Festool offers a variety of service packages for repairs, warranties, product questions, and more.

System-Based Approach

Festool is known for taking a system-based approach when designing their product lines. This means that accessories, consumables, and tools are coordinated with each other to allow for ease of use. There are four elements at the core of the Festool system: Dust extractors, Multifunction tables, Guide rails, and Systainers. 

  • Dust extractors reduce airborne particulates, keeping your work area clean and extending the service life of your equipment
  • Multiplication tables are composed of an indexed grid hole system and high-density MDF for easy clamping, cutting, drilling, sawing, sanding, routing, etc. 
  • Guide rails come in eight different lengths (with many accessories available) to assure for precision cuts
  • Systainers allow for easy organization, packing, and transporting

These four elements work together seamlessly, helping to streamline processes on the job and boost productivity. 

Health Minded

Festool products are designed with special attention to the health and safety of the people using their equipment. With enclosed bags and HEPA filters, their dust extractors reduce exposure to airborne particles, protecting everyone on the job site—both workers and clients. Currently, all Festool CT Dust Extractor models have been independently tested and certified to be FULL UNIT HEPA Dust Extractors. These advanced systems can help businesses move toward OSHA compliance.

Purpose-Built for Efficiency

Festool products are built with tradespeople in mind. The people behind Festool are all experienced tradesmen in the fields of timber construction, carpentry, painting and renovation work, and paintwork preparation and finishing. These experts work in their application engineering department to ensure their input is applied at the start of product development. This results in tools and accessories that perfectly fit the needs of pros.

But even without knowing any of their backgrounds, you can tell how purpose-built their products are just by using them. While being ergonomic and lightweight, they are still as rugged and powerful as you need them to be. 

They’ve also been making major innovations since the 1950s. Products like their proprietary Domino Joiner can save teams countless hours, while seemingly more simple innovations, such as a Bluetooth connected start/stop button, make daily tasks worlds easier. 

Education Focused

Festool has a robust YouTube channel featuring product videos, digital guides, tips, techniques, and more. The “Festool Build” series is created to help you maximize functionality, helping you learn to use the tools in ways beyond the obvious. “The Festool Presents” series features real tradespeople on the job, with behind-the-scenes looks at their experience, process, and Festool set-ups. They also offer live weekly webinars.


Getting Started With Festool

Festool’s reputation is undeniable, so when you invest in Festool, it signals to other professionals in the business that you care deeply about the quality of the tools and the work. If you’re looking to invest, but not sure where to start, we recommend checking out their dust extraction and sanding tools first. If you’re remodeling or dealing with lead paint, this set will be safer than any other product on the market.

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