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Should You Invest in New Windows For Your Home?

New windows are growing in popularity with homeowners as a top renovation priority. There are multiple reasons for this, not all of which are related to increasing property values.

Some have decades-old windows and want to realize a return-on-investment (ROI) in the form of energy efficiency. Others simply want to spruce up the look of their home.

All of these goals are achievable with a set of new windows. Many manufacturers build windows to-order, leaving endless opportunities for customization. Before delving deeper into this, let’s talk options.

When you shop for windows, you’re looking at either replacement windows or new construction windows. Both are quite different, and there are great reasons for going in either direction.

Replacement Windows


Choosing An Installer

Replacement windows, or sometimes referred to as insert windows, are windows made to fit inside the existing frame of an existing window. Most times, these are the types of windows that people think of when considering new windows for their home.

As the window is going into a frame, rather than a rough opening, some space is lost that would have been available for glass. Consider a new construction window if maximum glass space is a priority.

Always be sure to consult a professional to see what works best for your design preferences, budget, and timeframe.

New Construction Windows


Rendering new construction window

New construction are called ‘new construction’ because they are designed to be installed into rough (stud) openings. These windows may also be used as replacements even though they’re often used in new buildings.

Since new construction windows are installed in rough openings, they tend to be more difficult to install. Depending on the condition of the existing window frame, it might be necessary to opt for new construction windows. If the frame is in rough shape, it’s often best to remove the entire old window and install a new construction window in the rough opening. New construction windows have the benefit of more glass space due to being installed in a new frame.

Why invest in windows?

There are plenty of good reasons to install new windows. Let’s dive into a few of these:

1)  New windows provide better energy efficiency

Replacing your windows with a new set goes beyond aesthetics. This is especially true if you have older windows. Older windows can increase heating and cooling costs by allowing heat to escape through gaps and inefficient glass panes. No one likes an unnecessarily high bill.

Modern windows have energy efficient features (such as low-e glass) and are filled with argon gas. With new windows, you can select materials that are energy efficient and allow you to realize the ROI on your windows year-round.

2)  New windows fit better with your personal style

Custom kitchen with replacement windows

With all the options available from today’s window manufacturers you will be hard pressed to order a window you are not absolutely in love with. By replacing the windows in your home, top professionals can design and install them to your exact specifications.

This also means you can tailor the design of your windows to fit the rest of your property, ensuring a match that works.

3)  New windows add value to your property

New windows can considerably boost property value like many other updates to your home. Bearing this in mind, you can view buying new windows as an investment rather than an impulsive decision. Potential buyers love updated features and this is reflected in the valuation of your property.

Again, a good designer or experienced development firm will be able to guide you on what will work for your home.

Choose the right materials for your windows

Once you’ve decided to invest into new windows, it’s strongly advised to do some preliminary research into which materials are best for you. There are a number of options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.

To help narrow down this research for you, here are some of the most popular window frame choices today:


Aluminum-clad windows provide the look of wood on the interior with a low-maintenance aluminum exterior. In addition, they’re also robust and can handle inclement weather with ease.

Aluminum-clad windows will last for years after you purchase them. As for maintenance, only the interior wood needs occasional refinishing.


Timeless and beautiful, wood windows offer a rustic look that pair well with period properties. That said, wood requires more maintenance in comparison to many other options. If the periodic treatment and cleaning are worthwhile to you, wood windows are a classic choice that will last for many years.


Vinyl windows are a great solution for buyers seeking a durable, low maintenance, energy-efficient window. These windows also tend to be the least expensive choice in the realm of window frame options.

Unlike wood and fiberglass, however, vinyl windows are incompatible with many types of paint. This limits the degree of customization available to you.


Similar to vinyl, fiberglass windows are also low maintenance and energy efficient. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass can be designed to mimic a wood window more closely through a wide variety of finishes.

It’s always worth seeking out reputable showrooms and window design experts when planning your project. They can give you a clear timeframe and a well-advised cost estimate. This is vital given how complex windows can be.

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In the meanwhile, feel free to check out our catalog of windows. If a particular style catches your eye, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation.