Spruce Up Your Toolbox: Floor Protection

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When working on either new construction or renovation, protecting your floors is crucial to any project. That’s why, here at CCL, we proudly offer two exceptional floor protection products in our retail store, both from Trimaco: Floorshell HD and X Board.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two of them:

Floorshell HD:

This product is a contactor strength floor protector made for your toughest jobs made from 100% recycled fibers. It’s water resistant and ensures long-lasting durability and protection. It is the go-to choice for ongoing or multiple projects that require reliable floor safeguarding.

    1. Heavyweight Construction
      Floorshell HD is made with recycled and synthetic fibers, ensuring superior strength and durability. Its heavyweight nature provides exceptional resistance against impacts and equipment as heavy as forklifts, and prevents scratches, dents, and other damage to your valuable floors.
    2. Unparalleled Water and Liquid Resistance
      Projects are messy and most of the time last months (some even years), so spills are bound to happen. Trimaco’s innovative Spill Block® liquid repellent technology protects against paint, mud, water, and more, so you can rest easy. The product even has scored edges, which protect baseboards and walls.
    3. Reusable and Cost-Effective
      We value sustainability and cost-efficiency, which is why Floorshell HD is an excellent choice for ongoing or multiple projects. Its reusable nature allows you to use it repeatedly, reducing waste and saving you money.
    4. Versatility for Various Flooring Types
      Whether you’re working with hardwood, tile, laminate, or concrete, this product has you covered. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of flooring types: hardwood, concrete, stone, tile, linoleum, epoxy, vinyl composition tile (vct), etc., providing comprehensive protection in any environment. And an added bonus is that Floorshell HD is breathable enough to allow floors to finish curing.

X Board:

This product is a versatile, lightweight floor protection ideal for painting and short-term projects.

    1. Lightweight and Flexible Design
      Made from rigid board material, X Board is easy to handle and install. The flexibility allows it to conform to irregular surfaces, ensuring complete coverage and protection and immediately lays flat on the floor as you roll it out.
    2. Dependable Impact, Puncture Resistant, and Spill Proof
      Despite its lightweight construction, this product offers reliable protection against impacts and punctures. It acts as a sturdy shield, safeguarding your floors from accidental drops, heavy foot traffic, and the movement of equipment. X Board has Trimaco’s Spill Block® technology ensuring no paint, mud or water will get through to your surface. X-Board® provides the ultimate floor protection for painting.
    3. Easy Installation and Removal
      We know that time is of the essence, which is why X Board is designed for quick and hassle-free installation. Its lightweight nature and pre-scored lines allow for easy cutting and fitting around obstacles. When your project is complete, X Board can be swiftly removed, leaving behind minimal residue or adhesive marks, and usually recyclable (depending on what materials come into contact with it).
    4. Ideal for Short-term Projects
      X Board excels in short-term applications. If you have a brief renovation or a one-time event, its lightweight design, ease of use, and ample protection make it an efficient choice.
Floorshell X Board
5X thicker than builder’s paper  x
Breathable to allow curing of floors x x
Durable + long-lasting temporary floor protection x x
Earn up to 2 LEED points on projects seeking USGBC Certification x
Easy to use heavy-duty floor protection x
Easy-to-use and lays flat x
Forklift strong x
Made in the USA x
Recyclable depending on what substances come into contact with the surface protector x x
Spill Block® Technology x x
Temporary protective floor covering x x


At CCL, we take pride in offering our customers reliable solutions to protect their floors during construction and renovation projects. Trimaco’s Floorshell HD and X Board are two exceptional products. Stop by the retail store to check both products out and ask a CCL employee if you have any questions!