Spruce Up Your Toolbox

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At CCL, we’re always searching for the best, coolest, most useful tools on the market so our retail shop can be a go-to destination for our builders and homeowners.

Sure, we carry brands such as Milwaukee, Festool, Stanley, and Diamondback—just to name a few—but sometimes it’s the off-the-beaten-path tools that can save you time and aggravation on the job.

We’ve compiled a list of a few useful products you may not know about that would make great additions to your toolbox. All are available in our hardware store, right here on-site in Abington!

Grabber EZ Column

Blocking out a lally column to prep it for drywall or paneling is quite time-consuming. Grabber has made a quick and easy tool to replace that entire step. Grabber’s collars create a flat edge and support system for the wall to be mounted against. It’s also a surface against which you can push a level to get an accurate reading.

Grabber has made plastic collars able to frame out 3 ½” or 4” steel columns. The hinged halves of the collar fit around the column and are simply screwed together in place with the included screw. And the shim tabs allow one collar to fit either size column. These collars should be mounted on 24” centers to provide adequate panel or drywall support (most 8” ceiling height applications require 4 collars).

Milescraft Drill Guide

Love cable rail but hate drilling holes? Milescraft has created DrillMate™, a portable drill guide for use almost anywhere. It’s a jig that attaches to any drill and turns it into a horizontal/angled drill press.

You can bring shop-level accuracy to the field with this tool that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. With this tool, you can drill straight or angled accurate holes, on the edge of a board, or even round stock. It offers a self-centering drill guide base, angle read-out for 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°, has a v-groove for drilling on round stock, non-slip TPE feet, and mounting holes.

Stinger Auto-Feed Cap Hammer

A hand-held stapler used for installing housewrap, underlayment, and rolled insulation, Stinger has created an upgraded version of their cap hammer. The Autofeed Cap Hammer delivers the same holding power as a cap but has the speed and ease of a hammertacker. With every swing, the airless cap system automatically advances the cap and positions it for the staple.

At a weight of only 2.9 lbs and a capacity of 168 caps or staples, you’ll be installing that housewrap or insulation in no time.

Gorilla Waterproof Patch Brush & Spray-On

For your waterproofing needs, especially as we’re in the rainy season here in the Northeast, Gorilla offers a valuable and great-working product. This liquid is a flexible, rubberized coating that seals our water, air, and moisture. It can be applied with the included brush or with a roll, trowel, dip, or a simple pour. Once applied, the product self-levels and smoothly covers gaps and cracks. It’s also paintable and temperature resistant!

It’s a great proactive coating for roofs, gutters, skylights, flashing, chimneys, PVC pipe joints, windows, RVs, DIY projects, and more!

Check out all these different and unique products and more at our retail shop, here at CCL. And if any of these products spurred a thought of a different product that you know about and want available at CCL’s Hardware Store, let us know! As we continue to grow and optimize, we do it all to make your life easier.