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The CCL Retail Store Gets an Upgrade

At CCL, we are always working to get the highest-quality products into the hands of our builders and homeowners. While lumber is what we’re known for, we also offer a great selection in:

  • Tools & Hardware
  • Decking & Railing
  • Windows & Doors
  • Kitchen & Bath Hardware
  • Building Materials
  • Siding & Trim

The best part? We can deliver anything directly to your job site.

A few years after moving to our current location on Groveland Street, we decided it was time to upgrade our hardware store. So, in 2018, we began to plan a full renovation that would improve the shopping experience and ensure we were continuing to stock the right products for our customers. While we will always be rethinking and optimizing the store, we’re excited to share the recent upgrades we’ve made.

Faster, Easier Browsing

When you’re trying to complete a job on time, being able to find what you’re looking for quickly is critical. That’s why we began the renovation with a focus on expanding the store’s layout and capacity by:

  • removing and replacing every aisle and rack 
  • consolidating displays into the HomeScapes showroom to free up 1,250 square feet
  • removing a wall to open up more floor space
  • purchasing new, larger shelving units with significantly more capacity

By reviewing and ensuring every single product was worthy of stocking, carefully rearranging every display in our store, and moving more backstock out of the warehouse and onto the shelves, we’ve made it possible for you to quickly locate the tools and accessories you need without needing to ask where it is or have someone go retrieve larger quantities. We even made these aisle signs in the CCL store to assist with finding the exact product you need. 

Customer Requests

Building genuine relationships is our favorite part of the business. So when it came time to determine what would best serve our customers, we asked. By sharing a customer questionnaire, we were able to get a good sense of what would be useful to have on hand. For us, “how can I serve you better?” is a daily dialogue. So always ask us for what you need, and we’ll make sure we have it the next time you’re here. 

Improved Product Mix

Whether you’re a skilled tradesman or a new homeowner, having high-quality tools and hardware you can trust is crucial to getting the job done right. As part of our renovation, our purchasing team closely analyzed every single product in the store to determine if it was worth stocking, or if we should drop the product to make room for something more valuable to our customers. As a result, we’ve streamlined our powertool selection to three top brands:

  • Festool
  • Milwaukee
  • Dewalt

In doing so, we are able to expand the product lines of each and offer better pricing to our customers. In addition, based on customer feedback, we’ve added Diablo Tools, Diamondback Toolbelts, a range of floor protection products, and more. 

And a less-guessed new item? Snacks. We now offer cookies, crackers, pretzels, breakfast bars, bagged nuts, jerky and more easy-grab items to keep your day going. 

New Item/Product Demo Showcase

In an effort to show off some of our newer products, we designated a section of open floor space at the front of the store to allow for manufacturers to come in and set up product demo tables. This is a way for our customers to stay up-to-date on new innovations and products.

Meet Our Purchasing Manager

If you haven’t had a chance already, swing by to say hi to our Purchasing Manager, Dan Westerman the next time you’re at the lumber yard. Spearheading the store redesign project, he is always in conversation with distributors and manufacturer reps to continue to supply you with the best possible product mix for your needs. Dan takes great pride in the store and the convenience it provides:

“If a saw is broken or a nailer is needed for roofing, you need accessories quickly. We have enough here in our store that you can depend on us to get it to you. Plus, if you’re getting a delivery of other material, we can just ship out what you need with that order. What’s more convenient than that?”

All With You In Mind

Our store is custom-outfitted to your needs. And as we continue to grow and optimize, we do it all with you in mind. If there are particular products that we do not stock that would make your life easier, just let us know. We are always open to new ideas.

Next on our agenda? A web store to make it even easier to browse and purchase the products you need online.