How To Choose Suppliers That Prioritize Value In Their Products

Categories: Building Materials, Design, Renovation

When it comes to picking products for your home building project, most purchasing decisions boil down to two factors: prioritizing quality or prioritizing price. 

The problem with prioritizing price alone is that quality is usually forsaken in order to create a cheap product. Walk into any big box store and it’s easy to find ready-to-assemble kitchens, cheap bathroom and flooring products that will fit even the leanest of budgets. What’s far less likely is that these products will stand up to five or even ten years of wear further down the line. 

Quality, on the other hand, doesn’t have to come at a high price tag. Sure, you won’t pay the rock-bottom prices for a custom-made kitchen built from sturdy materials, but a quality kitchen is still within the reach of many budgets. What’s more, a kitchen built once, from the right materials, can have decades of use in even the busiest of homes.

At CCL high quality isn’t one of the options we offer. It’s the only option. But we’re not just committed to quality. In every product we source, we’re committed to providing value for our customers. 

When shopping for products for your project here’s how to look for suppliers that focus on providing value:

Look for suppliers that stock a range of well-priced items.

When looking to source products for your project a supplier with a range of products from mid to high price points is probably shopping with quality in mind. At CCL we only stock products that provide quality and longevity to the projects our customers are building.

Shop at suppliers that prioritize tradition over trends.

The problem with being a supplier of ‘trendy’ products is there is less assurance that these products have a long shelf life and aren’t still having the kinks in their mechanics figured out. At CCL we prioritize stocking products that we know will work for our customers and come from manufacturers that we know and trust.

Look for suppliers that have a limited selection of products.

The paradox of choice isn’t something you want to be stuck with if half the products you are selecting from are of low quality. A limited selection of products means that suppliers are selective in what they want you to buy. And for good reason. At CCL our sales team knows our products inside out, and we only stock items we actually want you to buy. We want our customers to look at their purchases in the years to come as a good investment, rather than revisiting us for replacements that could have been avoided.

Take note of how much your suppliers’ staff know.

When looking for products for your building project, a knowledgeable salesperson can make the difference between how much you spend and which product you ultimately leave the shop with. This is why at CCL, our sales team and yard staff go through product training to ensure they know their products from the inside out. Our selective range helps our sales team to become specialists in the stock they are selling.

By focusing on sourcing great products from manufacturers we know and trust, we can always guarantee the partnership between manufacturers, products and our customers is a trusted one. We partner with the best manufacturers in the building supply industry to make sure that we are providing our customers with only high-quality products.