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CCL Customer Spotlight- Almar Building & Remodeling

CCL takes pride in working hard for our hard working customers. From the small mom and pop shops to the larger remodelers and developers, CCL treats every customer like family. We bring a partnership ...


7 Top 2020 Kitchen Design Trends

We’re all staying in our homes a lot more than we ever have before. And that leads to using our kitchens even more as well. Those of us who were always on the go ...


Proof That Your Home Has Dream Kitchen Potential

It’s daunting to start thinking about starting an entire kitchen renovation. You think it’ll take too long and that the budget you set will be blown through once you get started. On top of ...


Getting Buy-In From Your Partner For a New Kitchen

Renovating Is a Team Decision You’re not alone if you think that it’s time for a remodel, the kitchen is often the most popular room to renovate in a house. For most families, the ...


The Top Window Trends of 2020

Windows might not be the first thing to be considered in a remodeling project but the right windows and surrounds can make a huge impact on your home. Not only can they make a ...

Building Materials

How To Choose Suppliers That Prioritize Value In Their Products

When it comes to picking products for your home building project, most purchasing decisions boil down to two factors: prioritizing quality or prioritizing price.  The problem with prioritizing price alone is that quality is ...


Creative Construction: Unique Features That Increase Home Value

For some, the thought of embarking on a home improvement project can feel daunting and costly. You may be surprised to know that there are a variety of features that you can improve upon ...


4 Questions You Should Ask Before Entering A Home Showroom

As a homeowner, entering a home design showroom for the first time ill-prepared is never a good idea. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of design concepts, products, and ...


Dear Architect, You Are Invaluable

A UNIQUE VOICE Architects are often the unsung heroes of home improvement projects, working behind the scenes to quite literally create the scene itself. Even so, the quiet diligence with which they design spaces ...


HomeScapes Named Best of Boston Home® 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10 January 2017 Cape Cod Lumber Named Best of Boston Home® 2017 Winner CCL HomeScapes showroom featured in Boston magazine’s