7 Top 2020 Kitchen Design Trends

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We’re all staying in our homes a lot more than we ever have before. And that leads to using our kitchens even more as well. Those of us who were always on the go or simply didn’t enjoy cooking meals, because it just took up too much time, are now finding a new love for the activity. But now, some of us are looking around our kitchens and realizing the design is outdated and could use a major facelift. Maybe now is not the time to execute these changes (for a myriad of reasons), but now is the perfect time to start thinking about that kitchen renovation you’re really yearning for. 

Even if updating your kitchen for your own use is not on your radar, keeping pace with the most popular home decor trends can boost the resale value of your home. 

So, we’ve talked to our in-house Home Scapes designers and done some research to find out what the current and long-lasting trends are for this year. Here are the top 7 kitchen design trends you should be thinking about in 2020.

Mixed Textures

When it comes to interiors, incorporating a range of trends at once keeps things feeling novel and interesting. A good way to accomplish this is through mixed textures rather than mixed features. It takes a careful balance not to end up with a look that’s too overwhelming. By sticking to a mixture of proven favorites, you’ll be on safe ground.

Matching tile and wood, for example, is a great way to experiment with texture mixing. Going with rougher grains or reclaimed wood is an excellent way to bump the contrast up a notch. Another striking mix of textures you can experiment with is wallpaper and marble. The juxtaposition between these two materials works better than you might think. 

“What we’re finding popular now is adding punches of color and texture, taking a classic kitchen and transitioning it into something a little more personal”

-Kate Marchisio, HomeScapes Designer


Sleek and minimal detail, flat-panel millwork, gloss cabinets — these are all great options that contribute to a modern aesthetic. Of course, modern styling does not prohibit the use of wood. So, woods mixed with sleek hardware and shiny metals are a good choice to offer some variety. On top of being a great style choice, a modern aesthetic aids to the cleanliness and ease-of-use of a kitchen. 

Function and Flow

Every new generation of homeowners will eventually rediscover the merits of simplicity, flow, and function – especially in the kitchen. Designing for functionality and flow has become a focus in 2020. Consider how new home buyers think when they are looking at a new property. They imagine how they will use and move in each space. Designing a kitchen around activity, tasking, and convenience is a good way to develop an appealing design.

Ask yourself these questions when designing a kitchen layout;

– How many people will be using the kitchen?

– Do your children help you cook?

– Do you bake?

– Do you like to entertain? If so, how many people do you typically entertain at once?

– Do you need your spices right next to the stove-top?

– How would you like to organize your kitchen, ideally?

All of these questions, and more, lead to making good design decisions. If you bake, you might want a designated baking station. If your small children love to cook or bake with you, you’ll want to include step stools or a solution that helps them to reach the counter-top. If you love to entertain, you might want a large island with plenty of seating surrounding it, so you can continue to cook while enjoying your company. In 2020, we’re seeing less ‘extra’ items in the kitchen and more perfectly constructed and personalized designs that fit the particular needs of each homeowner. 

“I always incorporate a trash cabinet, spices is something that everybody has issues with storing so we provide them with a couple options, we have organization for plates and dishes in lower cabinets for easier access for people who don’t want to reach”

-Andria Kieffer, Homescapes Designer

Avoiding an All-White Kitchen

From 2010 up until now, it’s seemed like all anybody wanted in their kitchen was white. All white everything was popular because theoretically, it wouldn’t go out of style. But quickly, this style became cookie-cutter, and every home featured the same all-white aesthetic; suddenly, kitchens lacked personality. In 2020, we’re finally seeing a change towards color and bolder designs. Homeowners are now willing to take more risks and show bright spots of their personality throughout their homes. We’re seeing this through pops of color and the incorporation of different textures and materials. Even if an all-white kitchen is still appealing to you, adding a subtle hint of color will make a huge difference. 

Adding a fresh coat of field-green paint to an oven hood is one way to lean into this trend. Painting all lower cabinets a cool, dark blue and keeping all upper cabinets white is a great way to show depth. Introduce wood or marble for added texture. Even just adding pops of color within the backsplash will interrupt the all-white fatigue we’re all experiencing. Whatever you choose, we’re just happy to see more personality displayed throughout homes. 

“I love it when people let their personalities go into their homes. When they’re brave and confident enough. And we’re seeing more and more of it lately. We always get excited when someone goes for something colorful, daring or different and wants to pull it all together. It’s very fun.”

-Christine Carey, HomeScapes Designer

Natural Wood Tones

Don’t worry, the look of the 80s and 90s kitchen — featuring stained pine wood cabinets — is not coming back. But natural wood tones are on the rise once again. Personality and warmth are coming back into the home aesthetic, which is elevating natural wood tones as a top 2020 trend. 

Wood adds warmth, depth, and brings the outside in. The medium is extremely diverse and versatile, allowing any aesthetic to benefit from natural wood. White oak and walnut are rising as popular choices, and even more exotic types of wood are used in homes that act as the kitchen’s design focal point.

“We’re finding a lot of people are pulling in exotic woods, or your traditional woods like oak with a darker tone or a different cut, which gives it a beautiful look and finish. People are adding wood into their traditional white kitchens and into their sleek and contemporary kitchens.”

-Kate Marchisio, HomeScapes Designer

Choosing the Right Accessories

It’s not just aesthetics that matter when it comes to a kitchen redesign; a kitchen should fulfill its primary purpose as a place to make and serve food. This year, more importance is being placed on kitchen accessories as these can add to the overall functionality of the room. A few accessories can transform the look of your kitchen while incorporating new food-prep capabilities.

Adding a unique or special appliance is a good place to start. The right fridge for your kitchen doesn’t have to be enormous. A smaller refrigerator with a wine-fridge and ice-maker accompaniment could transform your kitchen into a mini wine tasting room. A stand out sink, made from an interesting material — consider concrete or copper — might give you more functionality while creating an interesting focal point in your kitchen. Some homeowners are even incorporating their pets’ needs into their kitchens, by building a special nook for their pet’s water and food bowls.

These are just examples. How best to accessorize your kitchen is something only you can decide. Focusing on adding functionality to your kitchen should be the focus of your decisions.

“We really can’t start a design until we talk about what type of appliances you want to use. It really will change the dynamic and space of the kitchen.”

-Andria Kieffer, Homescapes Designer

Showcasing Personal Touches

As the heart of the family home, the kitchen is a great place to showcase a special feature or heirloom, a prized item, or those trinkets you’ve collected over the years. Drawing attention to memorabilia or a collection of items is a nice way to show love and admiration for your family, achievements, or special interests. This year, kitchen decor is becoming more about showing your individuality. What better way to show your personality than dedicating a space in your kitchen to your own carefully collected items.

Some items to consider showcasing include:

– Fine China

– Inherited teacups or heirlooms

– Mugs or decorative items collected from overseas

– Plate collections 

2020 is all about making your home work for you. With these design trends you can show off your personality while transforming your kitchen into an area that works for your lifestyle. 

For more design tips, or to talk to the  kitchen designers at CCL HomeScapes, get in touch today. Our design enthusiasts and construction experts are ready to answer your questions.