Improve Your Home With Fiberglass Windows

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If you are in the process of planning new construction, tackling a remodel, or simply looking to spruce up some finishings, windows can make or break the beauty of your home. Whether it’s the entry of natural light to start your day, the view overlooking your backyard, or tough protection against the elements, windows serve important functions to every house. If you’re searching all of the options out there, fiberglass windows are a great choice that provide excellent benefits, including strength, durability and efficiency.

Fiberglass 101

In the last decade, fiberglass has quickly become the one of the better materials for windows in both residential and light commercial construction projects. Created by fiber reinforcements bound together in a resin matrix, the material is made to withstand extreme temperatures and constant wear and tear — hence why it is also commonly used in boats and bridges. Integrity windows and doors for example, are made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, a material innovation pioneered over 20 years ago by Marvin. They’re 8x stronger than vinyl, 3x stronger than vinyl/wood composites, and tough enough to survive a pack of motocross racers. If that doesn’t convince you, here’s 4 reasons why fiberglass windows can improve your home today.

Fiberglass Strength

Compared to other materials on the market, fiberglass has earned its reputation as strong for its ability to weather the elements. Through rain, harsh humidity, or snow, the windows do not rust like metal, nor do they absorb moisture, develop cracks, or splinter like wood. Also, the stiffness and strength of fiber-reinforced resins allows window frames to be narrower and less bulky. More glass and less frame means a bigger view! Fiberglass windows are also strong enough to provide greater sound resistance. If you live in a busy city or on a main street, noise pollution can be a disturbance. Enjoy a more quiet, peaceful home thanks to the sound proofing quality of fiberglass.

Fiberglass Durability

Unlike wood framed windows, fiberglass does not warp or rot. This allows their seals to remain tight, making them unbothered by moisture, air leakage, and water perforation. This lengthens the life of the product since the risk of water damage and mold is minimized. Integrity Ultrex Fiberglass is also coated with a thick acrylic finish, so durable that it can be offered in dark colors without the worry of UV damage or fading. What’s also appealing is the low maintenance. Other than cleaning the glass when necessary, fiberglass is virtually worry-free.

Fiberglass Efficiency


There’s no doubt that windows are thermal holes, with an average home losing 30% of its heat or air conditioning through them. In terms of thermal performance, fiberglass is one of the best insulators among window frame materials. It keeps out the cold and holds in the heat. Because they don’t expand and contract due to the temperature, causing them to flex, sag or change dimension, they are three times more energy efficient than vinyl windows. To live up to their energy-efficient standards, Integrity works with local, state, and federal housing authorities to meet the requirements for energy-efficient products. Integrity windows have been compared to single pane, unglazed windows and have shown to cut heating costs by 34% in cold climates and cooling costs by 38% in warm climates. Proving fiberglass to be a great investment for your home.

Fiberglass windows are also considered eco-friendly because it’s production takes 80% less energy to produce from beginning to end. For earth-lovers looking to reduce their environmental impact, they’ll be happy to know that Fiberglass is made from silica sand, an abundant natural resource that is readily available almost everywhere. And as a sustainable material, they are easily recycled because they are about 60% glass.

Fiberglass Aesthetics

While once only available in white, fiberglass windows are more customizable than ever before. And what makes fiberglass windows so attractive is the advantage of being paintable. If you want to switch up your old style, fiberglass can be painted as easily as wood. Whether colored or wall-to-wall, fiberglass windows allow you to keep your style, while resisting strong winds, humid air, and heat loss.

Are fiberglass windows right for your home? Finding the proper windows depend on their functionality, cost, style, and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our fiberglass options.

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