The Top Window Trends of 2020

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Windows might not be the first thing to be considered in a remodeling project but the right windows and surrounds can make a huge impact on your home. Not only can they make a huge visual impact, but they can also boost the resale value of your property by increasing curb appeal. In 2020 wide expanses of glass continue to dominate, making views the main focal point of any room. The majority of window trends are embracing more light for a contemporary and modern look. 

Trend 1: Show-stopping window walls.

In 2020 windows are bigger than ever before. Walls of windows, with glass that reaches from floor to ceiling along an entire wall, are increasing in popularity. Replacing regular windows with this contemporary feature allows more light to flood in and connects the living and dining spaces with the outdoors. This trend can be highly versatile and looks just as good in traditional and more modern homes. A window wall is a perfect way to add the ‘wow’ factor to any bedroom or living room, show off an exceptional view, or focus on a great garden or outdoor space. This look is best achieved with large glass panels and smaller frames to avoid breaking up the view. 


How can I achieve this look?

Achieve the look of uninterrupted expanses of glass with the Signature™ Ultimate Picture Narrow Frame from CCL window supplier Marvin. These windows bring expansive views and natural light into any room. The narrow frame is the perfect fit for any window replacement project as it won’t disturb the existing interior or exterior trim. 

Trend 2: Let the light in.

There’s an increasing demand for windows to be positioned to maximize light into the home. Transoms — windows that are installed over the top of a doorway or window beam — can give a light, airy feeling to dim spaces or can simply maximize sunlight from all angles. Popular places for transoms are above exterior doorways to increase natural light or above cupboards or shelves to bring sunlight into darker rooms. Transoms are also great for bathrooms, providing ventilation while retaining privacy in a small space.

Sidelites are another way to let more light into a home. These are small panel windows that frame the sides of an entry or patio door. Sidelites are a great way to update an entryway, increase light in dark spaces and add curb appeal and an instant first impression to a home. Sidelites can also be customized to provide ventilation and air-flow inside. 

How can I achieve this look?

Marvin’s Ultimate Speciality Shapes windows utilize engineering design and high-quality construction to create windows that bring in light while maximizing the demands of your space. Whatever shape you are after, Marvin has a speciality window solution for your home.

Trend 3: Think outside the box

Modern bay windows are getting a contemporary makeover with larger, squarer windows becoming more popular. These bay windows look like large boxes and can double as an area to read or sit in. While bay windows are nothing new, modern adaptations of this trend look more like cubes, with deeper and wider panels of glass jutting further out of the exterior walls of the house. Light coloured, Scandinavian-inspired wood on the base and one side of the bay window is a great way to keep this trend looking modern and airy.

Marvin Skycove

How can I achieve this look?

The Marvin Signature™ Skycove window is an immersive glass alcove that allow for light and views in multiple directions. These automated and customizable windows are the perfect solution for a reading nook or a window seat.

Trend 4: Black is back

Matte black framed windows were trending in 2019 and continue to hold strong this year. Born out of the industrial trend, black frames are highly functional and work well on both modern and traditional exteriors. Black framed doors and windows can add drama to any room, especially when offset against white walls. Keep the focus on this attention-grabbing look by foregoing additional window treatments. 

black frame window

How do I achieve this look?

CCL window supplier Marvin has a full range of color options for every type of material. From matte black to dark grays, embrace the dark and stormy trim trend for your windows with one of their durable, color options that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful.

As stockists of premium window solutions, CCL can supply you with a Marvin window that perfectly suits your needs. The CCL Marvin Window Comparison Guide is a useful resource to evaluate which type of window is best for your home project